MyBB has a large amount of built-in features that will help you control your forum. However, you might want to customize your forum by installing a different theme to change its looks. You could also install plugins to add features to your MyBB installation. Using the MyBB Merge System, you can convert from another bulletin board to MyBB. We even offer many translations of MyBB, so you can just as easily set up a Spanish discussion board as you could set up an English discussion board.

Download Now MyBB 1.6.14 — 2.0 MB

Download MyBB 1.6.14

The core package to get started with your bulletin board

The latest MyBB release is MyBB 1.6.14. It was released on June 30, 2014 and is a security and maintenance release. The package is 2.0 MB in size. The download of MyBB is available as a ZIP package.

Download Merge System

Convert from another bulletin board to MyBB

MyBB offers the MyBB Merge System in addition to the default MyBB package, allowing you to convert other forum software to MyBB, and merge them into an existing installation of MyBB. You can also merge different MyBB forums into one, allowing you to easily combine two forums into one. The merge system is modular, meaning you can only convert the items you want to convert - such as only transfer users, forums, posts, and threads. The MyBB Merge System is currently in the beta stage, with limited supported software.
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Download Translations

Make your board accessible to visitors who don't speak English

By default MyBB comes with an English language pack. However, the MyBB community has produced a large amount of official MyBB translations. These language packs are high-quality and will help your community grow in the language you want it to. Using the MyBB language manager, you can install language packs in minutes. There are even language packs available for right-to-left languages.
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Download Plugins

Highlighting what makes the MyBB Community special

Plugins extend the default functionality of MyBB and provide more options for you as a forum administrator or for your users. They are easy to install and activate using the Plugin Manager in the Administrator Control Panel. The MyBB community has developed useful and fun plugins ready for use. Before you explore the plugins that are available for MyBB you should first read the Wiki on plugins.
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Download Themes

Give your MyBB a custom or different look

To give your discussion board a distinctive feel, there are customized themes available for MyBB. These have mostly been created by members of the MyBB community. Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your board, to make visitors recognize your board as being unique. MyBB has an intuitive and simple theme editor, which allows you to change every aspect of how your board looks. You can modify the default theme, start a brand new theme or modify an existing theme.
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